We like to do things more… aggressively. You’ve heard of “retreats,” and while technically this is a retreat, we are going to attack misconceptions about what a man is and what he should do as a follower of Christ, husband, father, son, coworker, and friend.

As men, we are called to lead, and the most critical aspect of Men’s Attack will be establishing a concise definition of a man. We strongly encourage men with sons turning 13 or older (by May of 2023) to attend as we will establish an annual ceremony for men of RCC to call young men to a higher calling for manhood.

The registration fee is $60/man and includes event registration, food, and activities. Registration for young men (12-18) is $40. Many of us will be camping in tents or hammocks, but beds are available for all registrants. Free time Activities include gun range, skeet shooting, fishing, kayaking, and paintball (additional $5/person).

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North Florida Christian Camp
6779 Camp Rd
Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Registration Fee
* $40 for young men 12-18

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