RCC Students is for all 6th-12th graders. Our worship services are family-friendly with a mission to win people, train believers and unleash disciples. On Sunday evenings at 5pm, Students are invited to attend REACH. Please see below for more information on this vibrant ministry.


Sundays 5-7pm | Grades 6 – 12 RCC Students are back! REACH is available to all students in the community and provides a secure environment to worship, learn, share, encourage, be encouraged, serve, and fellowship with other students. Please click here for information on RCC’s protocols, which are in keeping with CDC guidelines, for church-wide and student gatherings. Our students have the opportunity to make new friends, strengthen their relationship with God, deepen their knowledge about scripture, and gain the confidence to commit to reaching for a Spirit-filled life of service and actions through their educational development and beyond. Students enjoy light snacks, fellowship, games, and worship before separating into age-appropriate groups for intentional learning and sharing in both small group discussion and prayer groups. Throughout the year REACH students enjoy camps, concerts and additional special social events that students can enjoy with friends and family. Please click HERE to view the Student Ministry Google Calendar.

Summer Camp 2021

Camp is coming! The dates are set! Please get it on your calendar and get your students registered for camp this summer: Many of you grew up going to a Christian camp, and know how formative summer camp is to the faith and character development of our students. If you’re new to the idea of camp, let me give you a few insights into why we know summer camp is one of the best gifts that you can give to your student in regards to faith development. First, kids that grow up going to a christian camp are more than three times more likely to maintain their faith after high school! That’s a HUGE impact. Why can camp have that kind of impact? I think the main thing is time. If your student comes to REACH every week this year, that adds up to about 100 hours. A student gets about 90 hours of time in Christian community growing in their faith at camp (assuming they sleep some at night!). Camp doubles the time! Here are some other factors that make camp so powerful for a student’s faith formation:

Time Away

Students get time off their tech, out of their routines, and around other Christian students and mentors. This setting gives them the ability to tune in to faith, think about their future, evaluate un-healthy patterns, set goals and most importantly discover the truth that God loves them and has a plan for their life.

Adult Mentors

Most students today report that they spend 40 minutes or less in meaningful conversation with their parents each week. Even if you’re beating the average, you need some more influences in your student’s life. Camp provides counselors, coaches, mentors and other caring adults that are there for your student as they are processing their decisions and faith. Many campers can point back to an influential leader at a camp that helped to shape the direction of their life.


Students spend less time outside in God’s creation than ever before. Camp offers time off devices and in nature, where they can discover more fully the beauty of God’s creation.


Good friends can make all the difference in a student’s life. Friendships made at camp with like-minded peers can last a lifetime, and provide a connection that help students navigate faith and the challenges of life. So… Please do all you can to make sure your student gets to camp this summer! If you need some more info, or need some help getting your kids to camp, give me a call. (904.309.1237)

Middle School

North Florida Christian Camp June 27th – July 2nd $275 – Register HERE

High School

CIY MOVE July 18th – July 24th $499 – Register HERE **Register your child (not as a group) and specify he/she is with River Christian Church.

Service Opportunities

At RCC, students are encouraged to boldly serve within their church and their local community as if they are serving the Lord. On any given Sunday you will see students aged 6th-12th grade greeting visitors in the atrium, passing out invitations for upcoming Student events, assisting with building maintenance, and serving in our Kids ministry. Locally, our students participate in community outreach through The Kitchen of Clay County, Soul in the City, Church-wide work days, Clay County’s Backpack Drive, and more.

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