From Despair to Hope
November 28, 2021

From Despair to Hope

Passage: Acts 16:26-33, Romans 10:9, Acts 8:13, Matthew 3:16, Matthew 28:19-20 & Matthew 3:16 
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360 Degree Leadership in the Bible:

Leading Down by Example

Leading Horizontal with Encouragement

Leading Up through Influence


The jailer came to know God because Paul let Christ live through him when it was hardest to do and least expected.

Four Life-Changing Truths:

         1. Be honest about the real condition of your life.

         2. Come to know God’s plan of salvation.

         3. Strike out in a new direction.

         4. Honor the Lord by being baptized.

Questions about baptism:

1. Why be baptized?

2. When am I ready to be baptized?

3. How should I be baptized?

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