Facing The Storm
August 11, 2019

Facing The Storm

Passage: Genesis 37, Genesis 39
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Resilient People
- Continually seek to reassert some command over their destiny rather than seeing themselves as passive victims.
- Have a larger than usual capacity for what might be called moral courage – for refusing to betray their values.
- Find purpose and meaning in their suffering.

1. Your heart is revealed and your character is shaped when life does not turn out the way you planned.

2. Faith believes that with God, we are never helpless victims.

“Wherever you find yourself – do not easily leave.”

3. Resilient people find meaning and purpose in the storm.

Self-preoccupation is actually self-defeating and produces loneliness.

During the stormy periods in your life, how often have you expressed genuine concern when you have had nothing to gain?