The last couple of months worldwide and in our nation have been mind-boggling, staggering, and historic.  Each of us have been and are being affected on deep levels and in significant ways.  If we didn’t know it before, we definitely have a greater realization of it now, we cannot always control the circumstances around us.

But as Jesus followers, we  know that there is One who is stronger, One who is bigger, One who is faithful, and One who is still on the throne, reigning and moving in this world and His name is Jesus Christ!

We believe that it is important for us as believers in and followers of Jesus to cling to and celebrate the hope that we have in Him.  We also believe that in the midst of these extremely challenging circumstances, God is still on the move and that His desire is to transform us as individuals and as a community.  We absolutely believe that one of the ways in which He does this is through the Holy Spirit’s movement and work when we engage in daily and intentional Bible reading.

We want to encourage and challenge you to join the RCC community on our 14-day journey of daily and intentional Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.  Please invite your friends, your family, your co-workers, and anyone else God lays upon your heart.  We are confident that God is going to continue to do His phenomenal work of renewal and transformation in our souls and hearts during this time and we are eagerly expecting to hear about all that He will do in our faith community, our surrounding community, and our world as a result of our intentionality and His work!  Will you join us?

Reading Plan