James’ Story

Imagine being a parent who quit your job to care for your thirty years old son who is now a paraplegic and has very little use of his arms or hands because of a car crash. Now imagine not being able to afford a van to get him to the doctor and the Medicaid van service has been so unreliable that your son has missed seven straight doctor appointments. As a result, his condition worsened.

When RCC heard of the desperate situation of this Fleming Island family, it immediately responded and contributed the remaining $7,000 this family needed to purchase a van to get James on the road to recovery.

How can you help?

-Pray for James. As a result of missing his appointments he still has some medical issues, but the good news is that he is beginning to get some feeling back in his toes now that he is able to make his rehab appointments.

-Join us in replenishing these ministry dollars, so that RCC will be able to meet the needs of others right here in our community.

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James Video